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This is the amount of Polish capital in AP Logistics Sp. z o.o.

The primary advantage of AP Logistics is people – professionals with long-term forwarding experience, originating from known and renowned companies of maritime sector. They make a good and acknowledged team of specialists, providing a guarantee for personal customer approach. Knowledge and competence, acquired over the years  of practice, allow for meeting each even a very sophisticated customer order. Our goal is to provide professional, fast, and at the same time flexible service tailored to individual needs of each of our contracting parties.The whole trick is to find the “golden mean”: high quality service for a reasonable price.


We implement logistical projects in all geographical latitudes. Using a global network of logistical connections, we offer all types of services in the area of organising conveyance by sea, air, and road. We have a worldwide network of agents/partners through whom we contact your shippers or recipients. 

We try to always be one step ahead. Thanks to the knowledge we have accumulated, we take care of every detail of the offer according to your needs.


Our wisdom is to provide tailored services. 

  • Insurance
  • Counselling
  • Environment
  • Support


Civil Liability Insurance of Forwarder and Carrier

The object of insurance is civil liability of a forwarder or carrier for material and financial
damages, resulting from a failure to perform or improper performance of a forwarding
contract, which is incurred by the forwarder or the carrier pursuant to the Civil Code
regulations. The insurance protects freight only and exclusively from damages arising from
a fault of the aforementioned. Such form of insurance does not provide sufficient
protection, as it fails to cover all risks resulting from: random incidents, natural properties
of a commodity, theft and assault, joint failure, etc. Therefore, in order to secure your
interest and in cooperation with a renowned Insurance Company, we propose a wide
variety of insurance products, and in particular Cargo insurance.


Cargo insurance

CARGO insurance provides protection of freight being carried since the moment
it left the place of dispatch until the moment of delivery to its destination, also while
loading, off- loading, and warehousing. As part of our service, we arrange for your
cargo to be submitted for insurance when accepting your forwarding order as well
as assistance in possible conducting of a compensation proceeding.




The experience allows us to share with you the knowledge gained during years of forwarding.

We offer guidance referring to broadly-understood forwarding, inter alia: choice of carriage management, selection of relevant container equipment, and counselling related to customs servicesas well as sanitary and veterinary services.

Please contact us if you have any difficulties in shipping area: we will help – give you a hint – advise always for free.


A growing dynamics of transportation leads to higher environmental pressures. Although technological improvements effect in reduction of environmental pollutions that arise from road transport, nevertheless, intensively increasing number of fleet used for carrying cargo by land fails to balance negative environmental impact.


Intensity of transport in the European Union has been systematically growing over the past few years either with the same dynamics as economy or even faster. The growth dynamics reached almost 30 percent in case of freight transport.

The key goal of the European Union transport policy is to stabilise a structure of individual transportation forms until 2010. However, in 90s of 20th century development of transport was dominated by road transport while other form of conveyance – including the environmentally-friendly rail transport – were going through stagnation or experiencing even a slight decline. Vehicle transport effects in the largest damages, as 30-percent of pollutions is emitted into natural environment, however, this share can even range between 70 and 90 percent in cities.

A considerable decline of harmful pollutions has been recorded in transport sector over the past few years. The decline is caused by successive tightening of the EU emission standards for motor vehicles. All activities should be subordinated to an idea of balanced development that takes into consideration both human and environmental needs, assuming  that each generation is entitled to benefit from materials and energy being  offered by the environment.

Transport development cannot be stopped; however, an attempt should be made to reduce emissions of pollutions and its destructive influence on the nature. This goal is achievable by modernisation and improvement of the fleet being used. Recognising a need of environmental protection, AP Logistics uses a fleet that meets ecological  standards regulated by EURO3, EURO4, and EURO5.

This is a modern and young vehicle fleet, successively developed and replaced. A priority of AP Logistics in environmental protection area is forming a company that pays special attention to ecological aspects in performance of forwarding and transport activities. Wherever possible and economically justified, we use railways as an alternative to vehicle transport.


We highly support sport. Our contestant Mariusz represents our company in the cycling competition.

We take active part in The Christmas activity of szlachetna paczka. We have an assembly in the company and in the Christmas spirit we all attempt to meet the demands of a chosen family.


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We have a worldwide network of agents/partners through whom we contact your shippers or recipients.